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In addition to movie props/costumes or animation and digital compositing work, I'll occasionally post pics of my custom toys and minatures.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Patrick de Leon's Buck Rogers short is on Youtube

After four weeks of slaving over a hot computer monitor, the Buck Rogers in 25th Century short was finished in time for the deadline. This movie is a homage to Buck as he appeared back in the 1930's with nods to 50's B-movies complete with bad acting and cheesy effects. You might see some Sky Captain influence too. Still plan to do some tweaking, but here it is along with some screen shots. Everything was shot in front of a green sheet tacked to my living room wall. All animation was done in 3dstudio max 9, and compositing was executed in Adobe After Effects. I recommend going directly to the youtube site and clicking "watch in high quality".


  1. cool short. reminded me of the reruns I would watch right after the reruns of black and white Zorro adventures.

  2. You're right; it's better to watch this video on You tube, so I'll do it sooner or later. Keep in mind that collaboration with has been simplified!