This is my online magazine for all the various projects involving visual effects I am currently involved in as they happen.
In addition to movie props/costumes or animation and digital compositing work, I'll occasionally post pics of my custom toys and minatures.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

'Worlds at Atomic War' VFX test sequence.

This my first VFX test shot for my latest short film. Effects and compositing are all done in Adobe After Effects with help from Action Essentials. The film details the account of an alien invasion in Denver, Colorado.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Worlds at Atomic War short film in the works.

I've recently completed my first VFX test shot of the Martian War Machines to be used in my latest short film. See if you can spot nods.
More info to come.
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Detective Genaro Ortiz in Dark Knight suit.

A year ago I was contacted by a police detective in Newark New Jersey who is what you would call a celebrity Batman there in town who was interested in a suit upgrade. This guy suits up 5 days a week to entertain children for charity and to inspire them to lead a drug free life. He is the first Batman to work directly with a police department like the real Batman and even has his own Batmobile and trading cards! I've met a lot of guys who want to be a real Batman, and this guy is the closest I've ever seen! I was asked to upgrade his appearance with a Dark Knight suit as seen in the 2008 film. Here's some pics Detective Ortiz sent me of his first outing in the suit last weekend. This guy is truly an amazing piece of work, thanks Detective for all the work you are doing for the community under the mantle of the bat.
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Batman and the Robot of Doom film in the works

Preproduction on a new retro style Batman short is in the works. This will feature my 1939 version of the Batman cowl as well as authentically style batsuit with short purple gloves. As from the title you can guess what his adversary will be, but the robot will be under control by a certain clownish villain also done up in retro golden age style. This film will allow to explore the advances I've made recently in digital compositing, animation and 3d tracking software.
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