This is my online magazine for all the various projects involving visual effects I am currently involved in as they happen.
In addition to movie props/costumes or animation and digital compositing work, I'll occasionally post pics of my custom toys and minatures.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow Atomic Disintegrator pistol prop!

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I just finished up this Sky Captain Atomic pistol prop from Wilco Models.
Kit composed of two parts made of pressure cast resin. Being pressure cast means no bubble holes, therefore a kit with very easy cleanup. The only thing that needed sanding was the mold seams. After glueing together with a combination of superglue and Smooth-On's Metalset A4, it gets sprayed with Krylon ultra flat black. Then it gets lighty sprayed with silver aluminum paint to give it texture. Then it gets finished with silver Rub n' Buff and the accents painted with Testors copper enamel.
Then a minimal amount of weathering to make it look worn and used, aloung with a sealant to keep the Rub n' Buff intact.

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Paramount Pictures production art
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Friday, January 16, 2009

Buck Rogers short featured on Dark Roasted Blend!

Dark Roasted Blend has some nice things to say about my short, even giving it the name Buck Rogers and the World of Tomorrow. I like the name as it gives it a means to stand out from the other incarnations coming.
Thanks DRB!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Patrick de Leon's Buck Rogers short is featured on Cinematical!

Cinematical featured a story on their site about my little Buck Rogers student film, and had some nice things to say! It was cool being mentioned in the article as Frank Miller.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Buck Rogers short featured on The Awesomer!

The Awesomer is a spectacular site that features trailers, games, gadgets, clothes, toys for young and old and just plain awesome stuff!
Thanks Awesomer! You make this Space Cadet happy!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Atomica poses for book cover!

Atomica from my little 2 min short Gimme Three, posed for this illustration I designed for the front of an art book I made for my dad for Christmas. The film she was in was thrown together in only 5 days, so her talents were barely used. But she is slated to appear in a future project. Is Atomic going to be more than an art book? Only Atomicboy5 knows.....

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Buck Rogers short film now on

I just got word that has put the Buck Rogers short on their site. Atomicboy5 is proud!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Walking Tube characters from Buck Rogers short

Someone asked me about the walking characters briefly seen in the walking tube during the rocketship return home scene. These were the first characters I made back in 07 for one of my 3d modeling class. For the movie I just gave them a simple Biped pre-programmed walk cycle. The Martian was actually a project to see if we could creat an interesting character with only simple shapes and nearly zero modeling.
The female I called Maria from my fav movie Fritz Langs Metropolis, and the robot in need of a bath I called Patbot. I do plan to make a toy out of the Martian one of these days soon.
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Buck Rogers short featured on Toysrevil!

Thanks to Andy from Toysrevil for the kind words on my little short and on the raygun used in my logo!!! I submitted the X-66 atomic exploration pistol for Gohero x Toysrevil raygun contest, but missed the deadline.
Check out his blog at for the most up to date news on toys,movies,comics and cool weird stuff!
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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Custom Henshin Cyborg 99 Kikaida 01

I made this fig using a Cyborg 99 base body with parts from the Medicom R.A.H. figure. Custom chrome innards in the arms and legs are kitbashed from some Microman figures.
also in the works is a custom Henshin Cyborg Hakaida figure coming soon!

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Patrick de Leon's Buck Rogers short is on Youtube

After four weeks of slaving over a hot computer monitor, the Buck Rogers in 25th Century short was finished in time for the deadline. This movie is a homage to Buck as he appeared back in the 1930's with nods to 50's B-movies complete with bad acting and cheesy effects. You might see some Sky Captain influence too. Still plan to do some tweaking, but here it is along with some screen shots. Everything was shot in front of a green sheet tacked to my living room wall. All animation was done in 3dstudio max 9, and compositing was executed in Adobe After Effects. I recommend going directly to the youtube site and clicking "watch in high quality".

Custom Mars Attacks Martian!

I created this custom from a 12" model kit by Screamin, with joints kitbashed from Medicom bodies. I really want to build this suit next! There's also a comparison shot of him with my BXH black Walder with Cure Invader head that was recast from the Screamin kit.

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My brother Aaron as Batman The Dark Knight!

My brother suited up in the Dark Knight armor I make for photos and video that are being used in my latest ebay auction. He had a great time running around my apartment building!