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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Gimme Three" sci fi short. The "proto" Buck Rogers flick.

Very few people know of my short film Gimme Three that I produced to see if the stuff I wanted to do for Buck Rogers and The World of Tomorrow was possible. Some remark I made Buck Rogers in four weeks from start to finish, but how about five days?
This film was a project where we had to create a short based on the lyrics of a list of songs given to us. I choose Lynyrd Skynrds "Gimme Three Steps" since it provided me with a means to quickly film something where it would only be me interacting with digital characters.
This is personally my favorite short I've done so far due to the comedic aspects, and the fact it was done in only 5 days from star to finish. It showed me that if I could do this in 5 days, I could put together Buck Rogers in four weeks.

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