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In addition to movie props/costumes or animation and digital compositing work, I'll occasionally post pics of my custom toys and minatures.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Batman and the Robot of Doom film in the works

Preproduction on a new retro style Batman short is in the works. This will feature my 1939 version of the Batman cowl as well as authentically style batsuit with short purple gloves. As from the title you can guess what his adversary will be, but the robot will be under control by a certain clownish villain also done up in retro golden age style. This film will allow to explore the advances I've made recently in digital compositing, animation and 3d tracking software.
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  1. I just read the 1930's Detective Comics, this is dead on the money. Try not to punch anybody into a vat of acid.

  2. Patrick,

    That's an amazing 1939 Batman cowl. Well done. Did you ever make more? How much are you charging for them? I'm trying to create a Golden Age Batman costume but my budget is next to nothing.

    Do you have any old cowls that you might want to sell for a lower price?

  3. I haven't heard any news about this project lately. Is it coming along well?

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